Ergonomics Resources Guide

Agriculture Industry Ergonomics Resources

  • Crops, Nurseries, Orchards, Vineyards

Ergonomics for Harvesting Fruit

  • Dairy, Egg, Poultry and Livestock Farmers

Ergonomics of Milking Cows

  • Meat and Poultry Processing

OSHA Meatpacking Guidelines

NC Guide to safe work practices in poultry processing

  • Other resources for Videos on Ergonomics in Agriculture

Oregon Association of Nurseries Ergonomics Video: Work Smarter Not Harder

Part 1

Oregon Association of Nurseries Ergonomics Video: Work Smarter Not Harder

Part 2

Tyson Foods/UFCW Meat Processing Ergonomics Video

Commercial Industry Ergonomics Resources

  • Distribution and Delivery

Beverage Delivery – OSHA eTool

NIOSH Guidelines for Beverage Distributing

  • Wholesale and Retail Stores

OSHA Guidelines for Retail Grocery Stores

Grocery Warehousing – OSHA eToo

Warehouse Superstores (Canada)

Construction Industry Ergonomics Resources

  • General Construction

Ergonomics for Construction Workers, NIOSH Simple Solutions.

Reducing Sprains and Strains in Construction through Worker Participation.

Non-powered hand tools, a guide to selecting, NIOSH Easy Ergonomics

  • Masonry, Stonework and Tile

Two-Mason Block Lifting Technique Video

OSHA video on preventing strains and sprains while laying stone

  • Iron and Steel Erection

Welders’ Ergonomics Guide

  • Concrete and Formwork

Concrete Construction, LHSFNA Ergonomic Tip Sheets

  • Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing

Electrical Contractors, OSHA eTool

  • Carpentry, Walls and Flooring

Overhead Drilling Demonstration Video

Healthcare Industry Ergonomics Resources

  • Dental Care

American Dental Association Ergonomics Guidelines.

Ergonomics for Dental Students (115 KB PDF).

  • Long Term Care

Nursing Homes, OSHA eTool.

Nursing Homes, OSHA Guidelines.

Safe Lifting and Movement of Nursing Home Residents – NIOSH.

Resident Handling: A Practical Guide (Canada).

  • Sonography

Sonography Industry Standards

  • Veterinary Medicine

Introduction to Ergonomics Guidelines for Veterinary Practice

An Ergonomics Process for the Care and Use of Research Animals

High Risk Commercial Industry Ergonomics Resources

  • Police

Safety and Ergonomics for Police

Ergonomics of duty belts

Ergonomics of various duty belts

  • Fire

Firefighter and EMS Ergonomics Video Part 1

Firefighter and EMS Ergonomics Video Part 2

FEMA Fire and EMS Ergonomics Guidelines

Firefighter rotary and chain saw safety and Ergonomics

Manufacturing Industry Ergonomics Resources

  • General Manufacturing

Manufacturing: Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries (British Columbia)

NIOSH Power Tools Noise and Vibration database

  • Steel Mills and Foundries

OSHA Foundry Ergonomics Partnership

Northeast Wisconsin Foundry Ergonomics Success Story

  • Food and Pharmaceutical Products

Food Processing, Ergonomics in Action

Poultry Processing, OSHA eTool.

Meat Processing OSHA Guidelines.

Ergonomics in the Pharmaceutical Industry (UK).

  • Paper, Corrugated and Printed Materials

Printing, OSHA eTool.

Office and Administrative Ergonomics Resources

  • Computer Workstation Ergonomics

OSHA Computer Workstation Ergonomics eTool.

Office Ergonomics: Practical Solutions for a Safer Workplace  

Cornell University Office Ergonomics Guide

Computer workstation set-up and stretching exercises

Cornell University Tips for Laptop computer users